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Divorce is hard enough without arguing about all the essentials. But if you and your spouse can agree on arrangements for child custody, spousal support and property division, you can go the quicker and less costly route with an uncontested divorce. This makes everything a little easier on everyone involved. Yaniv & Associates specializes in uncontested divorces, handling more than 1,500 of these cases per year. We are your trusted Nassau divorce attorneys.
In contrast, a contested divorce means you and your spouse cannot agree over the basic issues inherent in divorce, particular when there are children involved. These cases tend to be drawn out, ugly and complicated. Instead, you may be better off with a Nassau uncontested divorce, and for that, you need the leading professionals in Louisiana: Yaniv & Associates.
Yaniv & Associates is extremely experienced in all areas of family law, offering free consultations and quick turnarounds. Divorce is certainly overwhelming, confusing and scary, but this is precisely why you need a strong professional on your side who can handle all the details. Meanwhile, you should focus on re-building your family and healing.

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Our Nassau divorce attorney offers professional, courteous and economical legal services in the form of uncontested divorces. We offer affordability at the forefront. While most Louisiana attorneys charge large fees for this — anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 – we give you a low flat fee of $495 for a basic divorce or $599 for a divorce involving children.
Depending on your budget and needs, we have other packages too. Don’t worry, you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees and there are no hourly rates. For a speedy resolution to your uncontested divorce in Nassau, rely on our friendly, courteous and experienced legal professionals.
Our team has been happy to operate throughout Nassau for many years now, a suburban county home to 1.3 million. As one of four counties that occupies Long Island, Nassau has been named by Forbes as one of the highest income counties in the country and most affluent in the state.

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Rest assured, we can prepare your divorce papers and file your documents with the courts within seven business days in most cases. So, if you need a Nassau uncontested divorce, Call us at 5045079000 or email us at

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